17 Funniest Office Supplies Guaranteed To Cheer Up Your Coworker

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Funniest Office Supplies On The Internet | Sarcastic ME

Everyone knows how uptight and frustrating a work environment can be. Here are a few 

guaranteed-to-make-you-smile office supplies that will bring laughter and good vibes to your office space. 

1. A Fun Thing To Do In The Morning Mug

A Fun Thing To Do In The Morning Is Not Talk To Me White Mug | Sarcastic ME

Everyone in the office needs to know. Shop this Mug HERE or check out our other awesome Mugs HERE

2. Just Because I'm Smiling Doesn't Mean Mouse Pad

Just Because I'm Smiling Doesn't Mean I Don't Want To Hit You In The Face White Mouse Pad | Sarcastic Me

For the coworker you can't stand. Buy HERE or browse other sarcastic Mouse Pads HERE

 3. I Love My Job Tote Bag

I Love My Job White Tote Bag | Sarcastic ME

Do you really? Buy it now HERE or shop similar Tote Bags HERE. 

4. You Can Do It Mug

"You Can Do It" - Coffee White Mug | Sarcastic ME

To help get you through the day. Buy HERE or shop other hilarious Mugs HERE

5.  I Can't Adult Today Mouse Pad

I Can't Adult Today White Mouse Pad | Sarcastic ME

Sometimes you just need to have nap time back. Buy this hilarious mouse pad HERE, or shop other sarcastic mouse pads HERE.

6. A Day Without Coffee Is Like Mug

A Day Without Coffee Is Like.. Just Kidding I Have No Idea White Mug | Sarcastic Me

And I will never know. Shop this Mug HERE or similar Mugs HERE.


7. This Is Important Tote Bag

This Is Important White Tote Bag | Sarcastic ME

The Tote Bag to hold your classified information. Buy HERE or check out other Tote Bags HERE.

8. After Monday And Tuesday WTF Mug

After Monday And Tuesday WTF Even Calendar Says WTF Mug | Sarcastic ME

WTF is the rest of the week? Shop it HERE or other awesome Mugs HERE.

9. I Love My Job Mouse Pad

I Love My Job I Love My Job I Want To Die White Mouse Pad | Sarcastic ME

You love it, but you hate it. Buy HERE or shop other sarcastic Mouse Pads HERE.

10. Best Boss Ever Mug

Best Boss Ever White Mug | Sarcastic ME

For when you need to kiss up. Buy HERE or shop similar Mugs HERE.


11. Patience Mouse Pad

Patience White Mouse Pad | Sarcastic ME

Get this for your Co-Worker with no patience HERE or shop other Mouse Pads HERE.

12. Never Stop Dreaming Wall Decal

Never Stop Dreaming Wall Decal | Sarcastic ME

Always Believe. Buy this Wall Decal HERE or browse other Wall Decals HERE.

13. Tomorrow Mug

Tomorrow Mug | Sarcastic ME

Will you really do it tomorrow? Purchase this mug HERE or for buy other  hilarious mugs HERE

14. Grammar Mouse Pad

Grammar The Difference Between Knowing White Mouse Pad | Sarcastic ME

Grammar makes a huge difference. Buy HERE or check out other Mouse Pads HERE.

15. Sorry I'm Late Mug

Sorry I'm Late Mug | Sarcastic ME

When you struggle to stop hitting snooze. Buy this mug HERE or buy other funny mugs HERE

16. Get Shit Done Mug

Get Shit Done White Mug | Sarcastic ME

Today's agenda. Buy HERE or browse other funny Mugs HERE.

17. Lord Grant Me The Serenity Mouse Pad

Lord Grant Me The Serenity, Courage And Wisdom White Mouse Pad | Sarcastic ME

Lord, please grant me all these amazing features. Buy HERE or shop other sarcastic Mouse Pads HERE.

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